Privacy Policy

R18.COM (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) understands the importance of personal information and believes that it is its social responsibility to appropriately handle personal information in its business operations.
The Service therefore sets forth the following privacy policy in order to address the appropriate management of personal information as its organizational measurement, and strives for the protection of personal information by managing its employees to comply with this privacy policy.

1. Legal Compliance
The Service will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and relevant laws and regulations for the appropriate management of personal information.

2.Measures for Ensuring Security of Personal Information
The Service will take measures necessary for ensuring the proper security management of personal information in order to prevent loss, tampering and leakage, etc. of personal information.
The Service  will also ensure adequate supervision of employees and contractors handling personal information.

3.Use of Personal Information
The Service will use personal information only within the scope of the purposes of use notified and publicized in advance.

4.Provision of Personal Information to Third Party
The Service will not provide personal information to any third party without prior consent of users, except in cases permitted under relevant laws and regulations.

5.Disclosure and Correction, etc. of Personal Information
When the user requests disclosure and correction, etc. of personal information, the Service will appropriately respond to such request after confirmation of user identification.

[Handling of Personal Information]
R18.COM announces the following items with regard to the handling of the personal information of R18.COM members (hereinafter referred to as “customers”), based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

1.Name of business handling personal information

2.Purposes for which personal information is used
(1) For delivering products and providing services
(2) For billing and settling product and service charges
(3) For confirming the identity of customers
(4) For responding to inquiries from customers
(5) For providing after-sales services
(6) For providing information on products, services and campaigns from R18.COM and other companies (telephoning, sending emails, and mailing catalogues and leaflets)
(7) For maintenance and other important notifications
(8) For questionnaire surveys and analysis, and marketing surveys and analysis
(9) For displaying advertisements
(10) For improving products and services
(11) For preventing improper use of R18.COM’s services
(12) For making customer credit decisions and recovering debts
(13) For performing clerical duties related to trading with customers
(14) For making necessary contact with customers
(15) For uses associated with the above-mentioned usage purposes
(16) For other purposes stipulated in R18.COM’s terms and conditions of use etc.

When personal information is being obtained and used for purposes other than those mentioned above, R18.COM will make an advance announcement on its website etc.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties
Excluding those instances in which the consent of customers is not required under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws, R18.COM will provide personal information to third parties (including third parties overseas) only in cases where it has obtained the consent of customers (this includes cases in which customers have applied for services after agreeing to terms and conditions etc. mentioning the provision of information to third parties).

4. Provision of personal information to contractors
In some cases R18.COM will entrust the handling of personal information in full or in part to third parties (including third parties overseas), within the extent required to achieve the purposes the information is being used for.

5. Contact regarding disclosure etc. of personal information
When R18.COM receives requests for disclosure etc. of personal information, it will respond after confirming the identity of the customer using the prescribed procedure.

- Contact regarding the disclosure, amendment, suspension of use, erasure etc. of personal information
- Contact for reporting complaints regarding the handling of personal information
R18.COM Web Support (Please contact from, We will reply you by e-mail without delay)

6. Revisions
On occasion, R18.COM will appropriately review these [Handling of Personal Information] terms and revise them without notice. The revisions will take effect from the point in time that they are published on R18.COM’s website etc.

Final revision date: June 1, 2018
Enacted: March 31, 2005
Hiroyuki Shimazaki
Representative Director